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Back to normal

As I had previously mentioned in January, my ash tree had finally lost most of its leaves. Yet, it had already began sprouting this year’s leaves. I’m happy to report, that after a strong windstorm a little bit of cool … Continue reading

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So what’s all this?

Strange Christmas decorations? Extra-terrestrials? A tent on fire? Nope. It’s actually my tomato plants. The weather has been at or below freezing the past two nights (gasp!). That does not happen often in central Phoenix, and last night was the … Continue reading

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Infiltration versus runoff

Around here, people frequently make the following remark about rainfall: “What we need is one of those steady rains that soaks in instead of just running off.” I venture that comment bears similarity to many comments made at feed stores … Continue reading

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Arizona tornadoes

I previously posted a photo I took of a strange looking cloud over the Phoenix area. Here it is one more time: Anomalously strong storms pummeled the entire state of Arizona on October 5-6, and eight confirmed tornadoes touched down … Continue reading

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Southern Arizona’s “spring”

Two years in northern Utah taught me the meaning of Spring. Around the middle of March, I greatly anticipated a rebirth life as the clouds lifted and sunshine once again graced my skin. Days felt happier and activities moved out … Continue reading

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Weird cloud

A thunderstorm came through Phoenix this afternoon.  I’ve heard the expression “an angry-looking sky”, and that definitely was true today.  I can best describe the clouds as “low tumblers”, “turbulent clumps of fog”, or “atmospheric peristalsis”.  Here is a photo … Continue reading

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More on the Arizona Monsoon and Urban Heat Island

While unemployed. I am attempting knowledge retention through reading the books that once decorated my office shelf. Reading science books probably won’t win me the ladies, but it at least feels more productive than watching television. A few years ago … Continue reading

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Weather Station

Any scientific investigation requires data. Having more data points of higher resolution produces a more thorough and meaningful result. Perhaps you are familiar with the example of the blindfolded men trying to discover an elephant. One man feels the elephant’s … Continue reading

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I finally took a photo of lightning. Tricky little bastard! Okay, I cheated. I took a quick video and captured a frame. The trigger on my camera isn’t fast enough to take an actual photo unless I push the shutter … Continue reading

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The weatherman was wrong

Perhaps the most recognizable local “celebrities” are cursed for being wrong, and championed for being right. Much like football teams, people choose a favorite and a foe. Right or wrong, people continue to watch and intake their information like a … Continue reading

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