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Infiltration versus runoff

Around here, people frequently make the following remark about rainfall: “What we need is one of those steady rains that soaks in instead of just running off.” I venture that comment bears similarity to many comments made at feed stores … Continue reading

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The practicality of geology

My first geology professor said that the public only knows a geologist as a “person running around the country with a hammer.” That accurate assessment illustrates two points: that geologists are passionate about their field (as are most scientists), and … Continue reading

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Weird cloud

A thunderstorm came through Phoenix this afternoon.  I’ve heard the expression “an angry-looking sky”, and that definitely was true today.  I can best describe the clouds as “low tumblers”, “turbulent clumps of fog”, or “atmospheric peristalsis”.  Here is a photo … Continue reading

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I finally took a photo of lightning. Tricky little bastard! Okay, I cheated. I took a quick video and captured a frame. The trigger on my camera isn’t fast enough to take an actual photo unless I push the shutter … Continue reading

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Urban Heat Island and the Arizona Monsoon

Over the past week or two, Arizonans began their annual Monsoon speculation. For the next few months, Arizonans will devote considerable casual conversation to the weather – when it will rain, why it won’t rain, where it will rain, and … Continue reading

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Another Arizona controversy – the weather.

Annual precipitation in southern Arizona follows a bimodal distribution. That means most rainfall occurs in two distinct periods, with little rainfall during the remainder of the year. Winter precipitation results from Pacific frontal storms and occurs between December and mid-April. … Continue reading

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