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So what’s all this?

Strange Christmas decorations? Extra-terrestrials? A tent on fire? Nope. It’s actually my tomato plants. The weather has been at or below freezing the past two nights (gasp!). That does not happen often in central Phoenix, and last night was the … Continue reading

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“I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like”

Back in college, a buddy of mine gave me an old Sears-Roebuck bicycle in a partially disassembled state. Using my mechanical skills, I re-assembled the bike and have been riding is everywhere since. Despite being nearly 50 years old, the … Continue reading

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Weird cloud

A thunderstorm came through Phoenix this afternoon.  I’ve heard the expression “an angry-looking sky”, and that definitely was true today.  I can best describe the clouds as “low tumblers”, “turbulent clumps of fog”, or “atmospheric peristalsis”.  Here is a photo … Continue reading

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The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum

Yesterday, I toured the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum before its “conversion” into Arizona’s “Centennial Museum”. Outside are a few historical artifacts from Arizona’s mining past, and inside is an impressive collection of minerals. The impressive mineral collection focuses on … Continue reading

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More on the Arizona Monsoon and Urban Heat Island

While unemployed. I am attempting knowledge retention through reading the books that once decorated my office shelf. Reading science books probably won’t win me the ladies, but it at least feels more productive than watching television. A few years ago … Continue reading

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Is the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum being closed?

During a break from a Mine Safety training class, I took a walk around the Arizona Capitol complex and viewed the outdoor exhibits of the Arizona Mining and Mineral museum. Despite being an Earth Scientist -I wasn’t sure if I … Continue reading

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What is the volume of Tempe Town Lake?

Purpose River discharge (typically given the variable Q) is defined as volume of water per unit time. The volume component of discharge enables volume calculations, and I wondered if I could easily calculate Tempe Town Lake’s volume from stream gage … Continue reading

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Stream gages and hydrographs

In my ramblings about weather stations, I mentioned that stream gages are another type of automated data recorder that provide real-time data to the public. Stream gages record the height of the flowing water above a reference datum (such as … Continue reading

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Dam Break

Tempe Town Lake is a recreational lake that occupies the Salt River channel in Tempe, Arizona. Humans de-watered the naturally perennial Salt River in the mid 20th century due to diversion and groundwater pumping. Tempe sought to return the ugly … Continue reading

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Weather Station

Any scientific investigation requires data. Having more data points of higher resolution produces a more thorough and meaningful result. Perhaps you are familiar with the example of the blindfolded men trying to discover an elephant. One man feels the elephant’s … Continue reading

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