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Glacial striae in Central Park

With the intense urbanization of Manhattan, one may not expect to find much to look at in regards to natural history or geology. Of course, the fantastic Museum of Natural History displays many natural items brought in from all around … Continue reading

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Strange drainage network

Establishing a sequence of events responsible for creating a particular feature or landscape is a primary goal of geology. This involves establishing which event or feature came first, whether it be the sequence of rocks in a mountain range or … Continue reading

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Sole Mark

My grandfather collected the interesting rocks he overturned with his plow. He placed them in a small area under a poplar tree, and contemplated the rocks’ origins. I cannot remember what hypothesis he had for this unusual rock, but when … Continue reading

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One more Alabama stream

“Sandy Creek” lies just down the hill from my grandfather’s property. As a child, I fished and played in this stream, and touched the poison oak along its banks. I don’t remember ever seeing this stream flood or dry up, … Continue reading

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The 100th meridian.

Many years ago, my parents were driving cross-country from Arizona to the panhandle of Florida along Interstate Highway 10. For curiosity, my father decided to count the number of natural channels he crossed that contained flowing water. From Phoenix to … Continue reading

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Infiltration versus runoff

Around here, people frequently make the following remark about rainfall: “What we need is one of those steady rains that soaks in instead of just running off.” I venture that comment bears similarity to many comments made at feed stores … Continue reading

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Water wells and groundwater contamination

I mentioned in my “Practicality of Geology” post that one needs an understanding of geology in order to properly construct a water well that minimizes contaminants and avoids environmental disasters. Here is an example of how water well design is … Continue reading

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Southern Arizona’s “spring”

Two years in northern Utah taught me the meaning of Spring. Around the middle of March, I greatly anticipated a rebirth life as the clouds lifted and sunshine once again graced my skin. Days felt happier and activities moved out … Continue reading

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Devore landslide scarp

I showed pictures of the toe end of the Devore debris flow with the damage in the community of Devore. Here are a few photos of the head end of the landslide – where the debris flow originated. This hummocky, … Continue reading

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The practicality of geology

My first geology professor said that the public only knows a geologist as a “person running around the country with a hammer.” That accurate assessment illustrates two points: that geologists are passionate about their field (as are most scientists), and … Continue reading

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