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Simple and cheap raised garden bed

I somehow wound up with two extra tomato plants and nowhere to plant them.  Tomato plants take up a lot of space when they get mature, so my preference is to plant them away from the rest of the vegetables. … Continue reading

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April showers bring May…

Actually, that title is a double lie right now.  It’s not April, nor have there been any showers.  In fact, this week was the first rain I’ve seen at my house all winter, and it was less than half an … Continue reading

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Garden update 3/13/2012

Wow.  It’s been awhile since I posted photos of my garden.  I’ve been busy with so many projects, and I simply got a little lax on posting weekly photos of plants growing. The good thing is, one project that has … Continue reading

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Five reasons to have a vegetable garden

Rather than simply post a weekly update photo of my garden, I thought it would be useful to persuade others why growing your own vegetables is the way to go.  Here is why I garden: 1)  Almost everything tastes better … Continue reading

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So what’s all this?

Strange Christmas decorations? Extra-terrestrials? A tent on fire? Nope. It’s actually my tomato plants. The weather has been at or below freezing the past two nights (gasp!). That does not happen often in central Phoenix, and last night was the … Continue reading

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Southern Arizona’s “spring”

Two years in northern Utah taught me the meaning of Spring. Around the middle of March, I greatly anticipated a rebirth life as the clouds lifted and sunshine once again graced my skin. Days felt happier and activities moved out … Continue reading

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I previously posted about a problem I have in my vegetable garden with root knot. Plants affected by the root knot nematode have roots that look like this: Notice the little round “knots” growing in the roots. These knots are … Continue reading

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Don’t call it dirt.

Should you ever desire crossing a soil scientist, use the word “dirt”. Seriously. The word offends people who spend careers describing and classifying the first few meters of material beneath our feet. In fact, it highly offends. It’s like telling … Continue reading

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