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“I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like”

Back in college, a buddy of mine gave me an old Sears-Roebuck bicycle in a partially disassembled state. Using my mechanical skills, I re-assembled the bike and have been riding is everywhere since. Despite being nearly 50 years old, the … Continue reading

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A pet peeve

At some point during the warm summer months, I hear nearly every local weather reporter remark: “It’s going to be hot outside. Be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen so that you don’t get burned.” Yet, that statement is 99% … Continue reading

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Drought conspiracy

I am a 25-year Arizona resident. I have met people in all areas of the state, from different age groups, different socioeconomic backgrounds, and different cultures. I held jobs in various industries, both private and public. I lived in the … Continue reading

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Saving electricity – in the freezer aisle.

Two grocery stores caught my eye yesterday. I was in the freezer aisle in Fry’s Food and Drug, and noticed the lights in the freezers were turning on as I approached. At first, I figured this was a malfunctioning freezer … Continue reading

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Urban Heat Island and the Arizona Monsoon

Over the past week or two, Arizonans began their annual Monsoon speculation. For the next few months, Arizonans will devote considerable casual conversation to the weather – when it will rain, why it won’t rain, where it will rain, and … Continue reading

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