My name is Kevin. Like many, I am curious about life, people, and science. Many questions can be answered through curiosity and communication – and I hope this blog serves as a vehicle for both.

I started this blog to keep my brain active during unemployment. It was motivation to remain curious, learn new things, and convey knowledge to others.    Hopefully, I can inspire others to keep an open mind, have a healthy curiosity, and investigate mysteries for themselves.

3 Responses to Me

  1. Nice photos. Details about what is happening to the mineral museum are being posted on Mineral Museum Madness at

  2. thanks for your letter! I wish you good luck, too!

  3. Christoph says:

    Hi Kevin, I just stumbled upon your article on Phoenix Groundwater Contamination. Are you aware of any initiatives to filter the contaminants out? Is that possible? I’m new to knowing about the water table at all… it true that we’re sitting on a substantial reservoir that we can’t use for any purpose because it was contaminated? I feel there must be a way, a filter, a microbe, a technology that could fix this problem.

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