April showers bring May…

Actually, that title is a double lie right now.  It’s not April, nor have there been any showers.  In fact, this week was the first rain I’ve seen at my house all winter, and it was less than half an inch.  Yes, this will be another drought year in the American Southwest.

But, I do have flowers, thanks to a garden hose, abundant sunshine, warm weather, and a bit of love.  I’ve put a bit more of an effort into my yard this year.  My schedule is freer this spring, and through a bit of odd luck and patience, I have some more money to spend this year.

Enjoy these photos of my spring flowers!

Mint, with some cilantro blooming in front.

My roses look great, and should be blooming any day.

Native Brittlebush.

Pink Fairy Duster

Penstemmon and Brittle Bush

Everyone likes a little spring sunshine on their face!

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1 Response to April showers bring May…

  1. Ingrid says:

    Looks so cozy and warm!

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