Garden update 3/13/2012

Wow.  It’s been awhile since I posted photos of my garden.  I’ve been busy with so many projects, and I simply got a little lax on posting weekly photos of plants growing.

The good thing is, one project that has kept me busy is cooking and eating my bounty!  Yep, fresh salads every day where the only ingredient I didn’t grow myself was the dressing.  The lettuce was awesome, as were the carrots, endive, radishes, turnips, and peas.  And let’s not forget the chiles that I get year-round, and the asparagus which just started sprouting.

The lettuce and carrots are done. In their place are cucumbers and beans.  My tomatoes are in the ground, and I am thinking I need a few yellow squash.  Here are a few photos of my veggies:

And finally, the salad I had for dinner tonight.  The lettuce, endive, carrot, radish, and peas were all mine.  The tomato and feta came from the store.

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