Western Sky

Ask your astrologer friend what planets currently occupy the western sky after sunset.  Then ask your astronomer friend the same question.

They both should be able to tell you the one lowest to the horizon is Venus, and the one higher up is Jupiter.  Every few years, they get close like this.  And, they will get even closer before the end of March!

I’m not an astrologer or an astronomer, but I still find something peaceful and spiritual about knowing the position of the planets.  For me it’s just about knowing my humble place in the universe, and there is nothing superstitious about that.  Once you get used to what they look like, they are pretty easy to pick out and tell one from another.  That is, if your eyes are good enough.  Yeah, it’s a lousy over exposed photo with a relatively old point and shoot digital camera with a few bad pixels.  Maybe I will get out the sketchbook instead!

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1 Response to Western Sky

  1. In the weekend of February 25, the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus had a triple conjunction (astronomical and astrological term), in other words, they were in alignment as seen from planet Earth. As you can see in your photograph, they are not aligning anymore but are close, indicating that the conjunction happened recently.

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