Garden Update – 1/14/2012

My garden changed a bit in the past few weeks.  First, we had a few cold nights, and my cucumbers froze, just as I was starting to see a few small cucumbers on the vine.  But, when I pulled the vines up, I saw damage from the root know nematodes.  They wouldn’t have produced more than 1-2 cucumbers anyway.  I also cut down the asparagus tops in preparation for this spring’s new shoots.  I expect them within a few weeks.  The frost also killed back my peppers a little, and left a few brown edges on my lettuce leaves – but all-in-all, things are growing well, and quite tasty!

I’ve had quite a few fresh salads made nearly entirely with garden vegetables – lettuce, endive, peas, turnip, radish, and carrots.  This is better than “organic” – it’s less than an hour old and 100% pesticide free.  I was also able to provide a homegrown veggie tray for my party last week – and my guests loved it (especially the peas).

Anyway, here’s a photo of the garden taken today, and a closeup of my turnips (guess what’s for dinner tomorrow).  I need to plant my tomato seeds, and start thinking about spring veggies.

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