three-headed cabbage

The cabbage worms set this in motion three months ago by attacking this plant as soon as roots entered in the ground. Then I saved it from aphids with round after round of soapy water spritzes. Next came some cold weather and a few 100-degree days. And this is what is left:

I have three heads of purple cabbage the size of baseballs growing on the same plant. That’s plenty radical. I see no reason they won’t taste fantastic. I need a recipe that will adequately utilize their smallish properties.

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2 Responses to three-headed cabbage

  1. those are awesome cabbages! they look like big blooming flowers in the middle of garden πŸ™‚

  2. I have an idea for a recipe,I dont know if your vegetarian or not but if not try bacon and cabbage πŸ™‚ very yummmm

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