So what’s all this?

Strange Christmas decorations?


A tent on fire?

Nope. It’s actually my tomato plants. The weather has been at or below freezing the past two nights (gasp!). That does not happen often in central Phoenix, and last night was the first sub-freezing temperature at my house since 2007. In an effort to save my tomato plants, I wrapped them with Christmas lights (the incandescent type), and then covered the whole thing with a few layers of old bed sheets. The sheets serve as insulation, and the lights a source of heat. Judging from the results this morning – it worked and my plants are still alive. Note that the LED christmas lights won’t work, because they don’t give off enough heat.

This may only work if the temperature only gets a degree or two below freezing. Any colder and I will have to give up the idea of a winter garden.

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2 Responses to So what’s all this?

  1. How is it below freezing in Arizona, and the same temperature is forecast for Iqaluit tomorrow? Good call on the tomato plants…they make for a really interesting picture as well…

  2. Hippie Cahier says:

    I hope you’ll provide update photos. I would enjoy watching them grow.

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