I apologize for my inactivity over the last few weeks.  I’m back to work, and while that means once again putting my skills to beneficial use, it also means less frequent blog postings.  I promise, though – at least one per week.

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3 Responses to inactivity

  1. No need to apologize…I’m excited that you’re back to work! What exactly will you be doing?

    • I can’t say exactly what I am doing, because I am now a public official working on politically contentious projects involving natural and public resources, and private rights to those resources. For this reason, I need to be sure to keep work issues and opinions related to work separate from my private blog. These issues involve many forms of government, many high priced lawyers, and sometimes large international corporations. In fairness to all parties involved, I’ll keep details of my work business separate from what I post here.

      It has the potential to be a very rewarding opportunity, and I’ve learned quite a bit already.

  2. Hippie Cahier says:

    I have been very busy with work, so I haven’t read much. I hope it’s still going well and look forward to reading more soon.

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