Garden update

As previously mentioned, my vegetable garden was plagued by a parasitic microorganism causing a disastrous condition known as “root knot“.  Since that time, I have solarized my garden, and covered the soil with about 2-3 inches of partially decomposed yard mulch.  The idea is that the increased soil temperatures during solarization, and the action of decomposing organisms will keep the parasites under control.  So far, so good.

Last year when I tried growing cucumbers, the vines easily wilted and did not yield much fruit.  This year, the vines remain healthy, and I have about a dozen small cucumbers.

Last year’s lettuce did okay, but this year it looks better, with less insect damage.  Lettuce is not typically harmed by the Root Knot parasites, but I did notice some root damage on my lettuce last spring.  The real test will be carrots, which I planted last week.  Some of the improvement I am seeing this year could be due to planting later in the fall, after the soil cooled a bit more.  The parasite is more active in warmer soil, so planting in cooler weather leaves a smaller time window when the parasite can damage the plant roots.

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2 Responses to Garden update

  1. oh, these are nice! 😀 I enjoy gardening, too. Especially as I see how every leaf grows day by day 🙂

  2. Ursula says:

    The way paths are crossing … your comment about “pissing away time” over at someone’s freshly pressed caught my attention.

    I wish I had “root knot”. No chance since currently minus a garden. To think that not that long ago I was the proud owner of a wormery. No, I did NOT name each single worm. So, instead, I shall now live my green fingered life by proxy of your cucumbers which incidentally I am very fond of (green, watery, refreshing – though apparently of little nutrional value).

    What does freak me out this minute that no sooner do I click on your comment box some google advert pops up full of Eastern promise in Southampton (where I live). Paranoia in Orwell’s Big Brother vein now in full swing (0248 GMT).


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