Arizona tornadoes

I previously posted a photo I took of a strange looking cloud over the Phoenix area. Here it is one more time:

Anomalously strong storms pummeled the entire state of Arizona on October 5-6, and eight confirmed tornadoes touched down in the elevated plateaus of northern Arizona. For those not familiar with Arizona, tornadoes are rare here, especially tornadoes that cause considerable damage. The National Weather Service has an informative and interesting review of the event on their Flagstaff website, with many amazing photos. The NWS review can be found here.

For weather gurus and the general curious, the National Weather Service website may not have the schnazziest graphics, but the data and technical information far surpasses other weather websites (for USA locations). That’s understandable, because the NWS records the official weather for the United States.

Very thankfully, the damage was only to property and nobody was seriously hurt.

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3 Responses to Arizona tornadoes

  1. Hippie Cahier says:

    That’s an incredible shot. Obviously, you are not in Kansas (anymore?).

  2. Molly Hare says:

    I remember the tornado scare. I was very sick and stuck in bed at the time and terrified that one would touch down and I wouldn’t be able to run away. (This fear was half fever induced and half inspired by the trailers and railroad cars destroyed only a few miles away from where I was living at the time.)

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