Southern Arizona’s “spring”

Two years in northern Utah taught me the meaning of Spring. Around the middle of March, I greatly anticipated a rebirth life as the clouds lifted and sunshine once again graced my skin. Days felt happier and activities moved out doors. Spring is an emotion – of renewal and growth, and a demonstration of winter survival.

That same springtime emotion comes to southern Arizonans – in the autumn. Our winter nights rarely get below freezing, few trees lose their leaves, and rye grass lawns grow vigorously during the winter months. Winter is our summer. Winter vegetable gardens are bountiful, the citrus ripens, families cook outdoors, and people return to the parks and trails to exercise.

Plants that barely AZ survived inhospitable temperatures re-emerge, grow, and bloom. People switch off air conditioners and open windows, freeing them from their summer tombs. To illustrate Arizona’s true spring, here are a few pictures of the doings in my yard over the past week.

Cucumber plants are sprouting in my garden, for an expected first harvest in late November.

My watermelon vine is still growing watermelons. Fresh watermelon for Thanksgiving? YUP!

Here in southern Arizona, we attract the migratory birds that leave colder climates during the winter. These flowers are already attracting hummingbirds.

My strawberry plants were yellow and shriveled a few weeks ago – stressed by the heat to near death. They are growing great now, and I will be picking fresh strawberries in a few weeks.

And fall means re-inhabiting my patio and working outside, capturing the season on canvas.

This week brings more bike rides, painting, and eating outdoors – a great time to be an Arizonan.

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2 Responses to Southern Arizona’s “spring”

  1. Harvesting my own food always brings me great joy…your plants look fantastic. Gorgeous painting!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I really like yours – and your painting at the bottom of this post was amazing. I seriously loved it.

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