In honor of the Chilean mine rescue, I thought it appropriate to post this photo I took of a well being drilled and installed. In this photo the workers are welding sections of well casing together, to be installed in the already drilled hole.

The rescue tunnel in Chile was nothing more than a large diameter well, and drilled in a similar fashion to water and oil wells all around the world. I know from experience the hard work involved in drilling such a tunnel. Well drillers are hardy people, and I give everyone involved in the heroic mine rescue a huge thumbs up.

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3 Responses to Drilling

  1. Dianne says:

    Beer for the miners!

  2. This a horrifying story. I can’t imagine how they live there… in darkness, so deep. It is amazing they got rescued. Thanks to all people who helped them to stay alive!!!!

  3. This is truly fascinating. Your blog is very intriguing and is now bookmarked on my computer. Love the whirligig, by the way! The wagging tail is very clever.

    Good luck on your job search! (You’re the kind of inquisitive, inspirational guy any parent would love to have as their child’s teacher, in case you’re willing to go in that direction for awhile.)

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