Goodbye to my telescope

A little over ten years ago, in my early twenties, I bought a telescope. It’s not much of a telescope, with only a four and one-half inch objective mirror. I was working a night shift at the time, and bought the telescope as a hobby for my nights off. For two or three years, I eagerly hauled it the back seat of my car to trips outside the city lights to remote off-ramps and dirt parking lots. I viewed all the planets I could see, the Jovian moons, the phases of Venus, star clusters and a few fuzzy galaxies. I had fun – and I learned.

After a few years, I gained other interests, and my curiosity brought me to my home planet. The telescope sat in a closet, sometimes disassembled, moved from house to house, and rarely used. It’s not that I lost interest in viewing the heavens – it’s that I felt I saw all that I could see with that scope, and upgrading required money that I did not have. I simply had too many other interests to invest in a larger telescope.

Now I am unemployed, and must sell items I no longer need or use often in order to pay bills. I saw the telescope in my closet, cleaned it and set it up to see that it still works, and pointed it at the sky one last time. I took a photo of the moon by pointing a simple digital camera through the eyepiece.

The picture is a little blurry, but decent considering the equipment I used. Now, many backyard telescopes have digital imaging and motorized tracking, features less common when I bought my scope. I would eventually like to get another telescope, but I know other priorities and interests will take precedence.

Sometime over the next few weeks, I will take one last photo of my telescope, and post it on Craigslist, probably ending an hobby that I will likely never explore again.

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5 Responses to Goodbye to my telescope

  1. Amazing image! I had a very rudimentary telescope when I was younger…sometimes I wish I even had just that. Perhaps I’ll invest in one again in the future. Sadly though, even when you’re simply underemployed, you must still sell items you cherish to pay the bills. I feel your pain…

  2. You might want to keep it for another year or so…in order to get a better look at this. Lovely pic by the way.

  3. Hippie Cahier says:

    I want to “like” this post, because I do like this post. However, it makes me incredibly sad. That’s a fabulous photo. I’m afraid to ask, but I have to know. Did you sell the telescope?

    • Not yet, but I have someone interested. I’m not really sad about selling it, because right now it is just taking up space. And should I eventually buy another telescope, I will buy a different style that suits my desires a little better.

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