Lake Mead is drying up

Despite the belief of many Arizonans that the current drought is a liberal conspiracy, Lake Mead is drying up. Here is a recent image from NASA:

This is a big deal. If the lake level drops another 12 feet, an agreement between Arizona, Nevada, and California specifies water rationing. That agreement also requires Arizona to shut off its pumps first

Many Arizona communities require Colorado River water to meet Assured and Adequate Water Supply requirements. These requirements are dictated by state law, and all new developments must adhere to these laws prior to construction.

“Water providers or developers must demonstrate that the water supply is uninterruptible for the 100-year period, or that sufficient backup supplies exist for any anticipated shortages.” (From the Arizona Department of Water Resources)

Without Colorado River water to assure adequate water supplies, new development becomes difficult.

This is an election year. I hoped this serious issue would sway the political landscape. Unfortunately, Arizona thinks it has more important problems to tackle.

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