Is the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum being closed?

During a break from a Mine Safety training class, I took a walk around the Arizona Capitol complex and viewed the outdoor exhibits of the Arizona Mining and Mineral museum. Despite being an Earth Scientist -I wasn’t sure if I had ever been there. If I had, it was for an elementary school field trip over 20 years ago. I searched online for more information about this museum, thinking of taking my nephews there, and ran across this blog.

Are you kidding me? I certainly hope this isn’t true. We’ve got people out there thinking volcanoes can’t erupt in cold climates and that islands can tip over if overpopulated. How can we expect people to take an interest in science and understand the planet they live on if we close down all the science museums? Considering that Copper mining dominated the early Arizona economy, and that Arizona’s largest tourist attraction is a geological feature, HOW CAN ARIZONA NOT HAVE A MUSEUM DEVOTED TO EARTH SCIENCE?  After all, this is the GRAND CANYON STATE – it says so on our state quarter!!

Ridiculous. I certainly hope the powers that be recognize their error and alter their plans.

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One Response to Is the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum being closed?

  1. Sadly, it is true. Read the original posting (June 5th) on the blog you saw for background on how the Governor pushed through a law to eliminate this earth science museum and use the building for yet another history museum. Apparently, the Governor is trying to firm up Arizona last place standing in science education.

    You were probably not quite sure if you saw if before or not because the mineral museum was on the State fairgrounds when you took you class field trip 20 years ago.

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