Bee Hive!

Unseasonably cool weather today prompted me to pedal the old two wheeler up to Camelback Mountain for a hike. I found this clinging to the side of a cliff:

Sorry for the lousy blurry photo, but it is a bee hive. No hollow logs for these ladies. The white things are the combs, and a big mass of bees is hanging from the comb. I wisely took the photo from far away and zoomed in as much as I could – hence the blurriness.

I also saw one of these dudes (and took a much better photo):

It is a male chuckwalla, or as my dad says “chuckawalla”. Yes, non-pigeon wildlife still exists in the city. One just has to look for it.

I have a bunch more photos from my hike that I will post when I have more time.

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